Green GPS Fleet Management


Fleet vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to the destruction of our ozone and environment. Road vehicles are responsible for 25% of the greenhouse gases produced nationwide. However, for many businesses, these vehicles are also one of the highest expenses for the company. So, how can you manage your fleets, save money and help save the environment? By investing in a CTS GPS tracking device you can track three of the most dangerous agents to the environment and your bottom line; speed, idle time, and vehicle maintenance.

Reduced Speed = Increased fuel efficiency

By using a CTS GPS tracking device you can detect when a vehicle is speeding and an alert will be sent via email or text message. For every 5mph over 65 mph, there is roughly an 8% decrease in fuel efficiency. With a CTS GPS tracking device the driver will be more aware of speed; saving on fuel expenses and speeding tickets.

Monitor idle times and reduce emissions

All CTS GPS tracking devices monitor idle times of each vehicle. Based on previous clients, CTS has seen an average of 28% idle times in commercial vehicles. This means that 28% of the time the vehicle is on, it’s sitting still! Simply 1 hour of idle time equals roughly .6 gallons of fuel burned (as well as approximately 19 pounds of carbon dioxide), which can be a major waste of money for business’. According to the Department of Energy, no more than 30 seconds of idling is needed to warm up a car, even on extreme weather days.

Stay up to date on vehicle maintenance needs

By setting up vehicle maintenance notices you can now get more miles per gallon with proper vehicle maintenance. You can create email alerts to notify you when a vehicle hits a certain mileage and needs maintenance such as an oil change, air filters, emissions tests, or spark plug changes.. By keeping up with these simple periodic maintenances, it can increase a fleet vehicle’s Mileage Per Gallon up to 25%

Save money while saving the environment

With a CTS device, owners will cut cost and reduce the harmful gases that are released into the air on a daily basis. By monitoring speed, idle times, and maintenance through the MARCUSĀ® GPS tracking device you can help alleviate greenhouse gases, smog, while increasing your bottom line.