GO GPS Tracking Platform

  • NO MONTHLY FEES! One-time investment
  • ‘Black Box’ style data recording
  • Remote Engine Diagnostics/ Maintenance Monitoring
  • System highly customizable to fit client’s specific needs

The GO4-RF and GO4-Wifi are both ‘Passive’ GPS solutions. This means that vehicle data is not available to owners or managers in ‘real-time.’ Instead, the device constantly records all of the vehicle’s activity while in use. This information is then automatically uploaded wirelessly to an in-house computer or network upon returning to its designated home/office location.

A ‘Passive’ system such as this is ideal for companies that do not need instant access to vehicle locations, but value having detailed information on all of their vehicle’s daily activity. Among numerous other benefits, this information can be used to gain a much greater insight into the company’s operational efficiency, allowing managers to make informed business decisions that will enhance their overall productivity, and increase their bottom line.

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  • Automatic wireless data transfer
  • Mapping options: Bing maps, Microsoft MapPoint, customer-supplied GIS maps (ESRI)
  • Extensive detailed reports
  • In-cab driver notification (buzzer) when speeding or excessively idling
  • Driver specific information with Driver ID key (optional)
  • Import customer addresses and other points of interest.
  • Host your data or we’ll host it for you!

  • Patent pending data capture method provides high detail in urban environments unlike many cellular systems
  • Use Geofencing options to track time spent at customer locations, alert when entering or leaving a particular location or zone
  • Up to 8 PTO/auxiliary inputs to monitor accessory equipment, seat belts, doors, etc.
  • Detailed vehicle diagnostics – monitor faults from engine, transmission, brakes, etc. – unlike most systems that just monitor the engine (See more on this below)

Black Box Reporting Capabilities

The GO4 devices record in what is called ‘black box’ capacity. This is analogous to the ‘black box’ installed on airplanes. The device is recording a detailed log of almost everything happening with that vehicle while in operation. This information is not only extremely useful in assisting with day to day business decisions, but also in the unfortunate event of an accident. If and when an accident does occur, the owner has a detailed, verified record of exactly what occurred as it pertains to that vehicle. Fleet managers and owners can also use the interactive “Accident Wizard” that is built into the CheckMate software. This feature will allow all data pertaining to the incident to be saved in its own file for record keeping, insurance claim, and/or lawsuit defense purposes.

This information can also be used to help curb risky driving behaviors. Speeding, lack of seat belt use, and hard braking are some of the clearest indicators of risky driving. All of these behaviors can not only be monitored, but also programmed to trigger in-cab audible alerts to provide immediate feedback to the drivers, and ultimately reduce or eliminate these risky behaviors. The results can be a dramatic savings in the cost of claims, and/or insurance rates.

Detailed Vehicle Diagnostics

Any of the GO4 devices offer companies vehicle fault code data with the J1708, J1939, or OBDII platforms. Large heavy duty trucks use the J-plug CANBUS Diagnostic plug(J1708 or J1939). Other systems that only read the OBD II data, provide data solely from the ECU (engine control unit), and not the other vital systems on the vehicle recorded by the CAN protocol.

  • Prioritize maintenance issues and receive email alerts
  • Pop up alerts for critical issues
  • Proactive maintenance improves fuel economy, vehicle life, and extensive maintenance costs.